German Cases and Genders

I tend to (try to) learn languages by aiming to pick up enough to be understood as quickly as possible, and leaving the details until never.
So far, this has left me bad at german genders.

This article is an attempt to fix that: A gender and cases game.

How to play

It shows an english phrase. It is not correct english, but should be understandable.

You have to write the equivalent german phrase, using up, down, left, right and spacebar to select words to fill in the blanks.

Note that my intention is that the german phrase *is* correct, even though the english one is not. The words were entered in manually, and I've checked reasonably carefully, but there will doubtlessly be errors or exceptions that I've missed.

The phrases are not idiomatic: It randomly chooses sentence parts and puts them together. Don't learn phrases from this.

Firstly, some examples:

The game


Your score:


Note that your scores are stored on your browser. If you clear your browser data, or use a different computer, you will lose your scores.

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